The two Sessions which have been held in Palermo (December, 18-20 2017) and Paris (January,4-5 2018) represent the first step of the program recommended in the concluding decisions of the opening Session of the Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT) held in Barcelona (July, 7-8 2017).

Both Sessions are focused on the facts and responsibilities documented on the violations of the fundamental human and peoples’ rights occurred at the external and internal frontiers of the European Union, and more specifically of its member States, Italy and France.
The contents and the conclusions of the two Sessions must be considered as complementary contributions to the PPT in depth investigations and qualifications of the crimes included in the original Act of accusation which constitutes the general framework of the whole process.
The richness of the direct testimonies presented to the PPT by the representatives of the people of migrants and refugees, as well as the technical analytical reports submitted orally and in written or audiovisual form on the political and juridical responsibilities of the Actor States, have consistently confirmed the evidence of a systematic policy of criminal behaviors of the EU and of the member states considered in the procedure.
Other hearings and Sessions of the PPT are in preparation to be implemented in the course of 2018 according to the agenda which will be presented on the PPT webpage over the next few weeks.

Download the Sentence of the PPT – Palermo, December 18-20 in Italian

Download the Sentence of the PPT – Paris, January 4-5, in French and Spanish

The English version of the Sentences will be available soon.