card-21. Opening session, 10 September 2021

A. Indictment (SpanishPortuguese)

B. Case file (Portuguese)



04_Audiencia_Aguas2. Thematic hearing on water, 30 November and 1 December 2021

A. Statement of the panel of judges (EnglishItalian SpanishPortuguese)

B. Prosecutorial Materials: General Recommendations, Urgent and Necessary Measures for the Protection of the Cerrado Waters (Portuguese)


card-13. Thematic Hearing on Food Sovereignty and Socio-Biodiversity, 15-16 March 2022

Panel of Judges Statement (Portuguese)



03_Terra_e_Territorio-e16309302768404. Hearing on Land and Territory and Conclusion of the Session, 8-11 July 2022

A. Final Indictment:

Part 1 – Explanatory context for the charge of ecocide-cultural genocide in the Cerrado (Portuguese)

Part 2 – Systematic Violations of Cerrado Peoples’ Rights in the Context of Cases Representing the Process of ecocide-cultural genocide in the Cerrado (Portuguese)

Part 3 – Rights Violated, Responsibilities and Recommendations (Portuguese)



B. The Judgment


Full text (Portuguese and Spanish)

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