41. Session on Fundamental rights, local community participation and megaprojects. From the Lyon-Turin high-speed rail to the global reality (Turin-Almese, 5-8 November 2015)

41.1 Opening of the Session and Presentation of the Indictment

Opening session, Gianni Tognoni, TPP Secretary General (Italian)

Presentation of the indictment, Livio Pepino, Controsservatorio Valsusa (Italian)

Communication from the President of the Jury Philippe Texier (French)

41.2 The TAV in Val di Susa and the denied participation (part one)

The situation in Valsusa, Ezio Bertok (Italian)

Transpadana video excerpt (Italian)

Testimony by Claudio Giorno (Italian)

Testimony by Gianfranco Chiocchia (Italian)

Testimony by Alberto Perino (Italian)

Testimonies from the Valley (Italian)

Testimony by Sandro Plano (Italian)

41.3 The TAV in Val di Susa and the denied participation (part two)

Participation denied: manipulation of data and forecasts – Angelo Tartaglia (Italian)

Testimony by Claudio Cancelli (Italian)

Testimony by Simone Franchino (Italian)

Testimony by Marco Ponti (Italian)

Testimony by Marina Clerico (Italian)

Testimony by Marco Tomalino (Italian)

Judges’ questions and witnesses’ answers (Italian)

41.4 The TAV in Val di Susa and the denied participation (part three)

The exclusion of citizens and institutions from decision-making processes – Luca Giunti (Italian)

Testimony by Mario Cavargna (Italian)

Testimony by Stefano Lenzi (Italian)

Testimony by Massimo Bongiovanni (Italian)

Testimony by Loredana Bellone (Italian)

Testimony by Paolo Prieri (Italian)

Testimony by Vittorio Agnoletto (Italian)

Judges’ questions and witnesses’ answers (Italian)

41.5 The TAV in Val di Susa and the denied participation (part four)

Replacing confrontation with repression, Paolo Mattone (Italian)

Testimony by Guido Fissore (Italian)

Video on the Maddalena eviction, 27 June 2011 (Italian)

Four testimonies on the effects of militarisation (Italian)

Testimony by Alessandra Algostino (Italian)

Testimony by Claudio Novaro (Italian)

Voices from a militarised valley (Italian)

Judges’ questions and witnesses’ answers (Italian)

Reading the communiqué of some ANPI sections (Italian)

41.6 Other testimonies from the Val di Susa on record

Piera Tomalino and Riccardo Culatti (Italian)

Emilio Scalzo (Italian)

Cristina Uran (Italian)

Gigi Richetto (Italian)

Monica Montabone (Italian)

Fulvio Tapparo (Italian)

Paolo Chirio (Italian)

Nicoletta Dosio (Italian)

Gianni Maggi (Italian)

Giulia Casel and Luca Anselmo (Italian)

The Italian situation – Tiziano Cardosi (Italian)

Testimony by Cristiano Gasparetto (MOSE) (Italian)

Testimony by Sebastiano Papandrea (MUOS) (Italian)

Questions and answers on Italian GOII (Italian)

The European situation – Sabine Bräutigam (Italian)

Testimony by Geneviève Coiffard-Grosdoy (Notre Dame des Landes) (French)

Testimony by Thomas Dubreuil (Notre Dame des Landes) (French)

Testimony by Daniel Ibanez (French)

Questions and answers on European GOII  (Italian)

Testimony by Andrés Barreda (Spanish)

41.7 Final Allegations and Reading of the Judgment

Final Requisitions – Livio Pepino (Italian)

Judgment: method and structure – Gianni Tognoni (Italian)

Message from Sara Larrain (Spanish)

Judgment: presentation – Philippe Texier (Italian)

Judgment: anticipation of motivation – Roberto Schiattarella (Italian)

Judgment: anticipation of motivation – Gianni Tognoni (Italian)

Judgment: disposition – Philippe Texier (Italian)

Judgment: recommendations – Umberto Allegretti (Italian)

Message from Dora Lucy Arias (Spanish)