47. Session on Human Rights, Fracking and Climate Change (14-18 May 2018)

Opening Ceremony (English)

Report on the Ohio Preliminary Hearing – Part 1 (English)

Report on the Ohio Preliminary Hearing – Part 2 (English)

Report on Australia’s preliminary hearing (English)

Report  by the Earth Alliance (English)

Opening statements (English)

Report by the Alaska Climate Action Network. (English)

Report by Earthworks (English)

Report on forced climate migration in Alaska (English)

Report on procedural rights in Australia (English)

Report by Food & Water Europe, Food & Water Watch (English)

Report by the Australian Earth Law Alliance (English)

Intervention by Sandra Steingraber (English)

Report by Environmental Defenders Office, Western Australia (English)

Presentation of the Freshwater Sustainability Project (English)

Concluding Report and Recommendations of the Applicant Organisations to the PPT (English)

Closing Ceremony (English)

Report on Charlottesville’s Pre-Tribunal Briefing (English)

Report by Rogue Climate (English)

Report on the consequences of fracking in the USA – Ethnographic research (English)

Report by Center for Human Rights and the Environment (English)

Report by Citizens against LNG (English)

Report by 350 Vermont (English)

Report by Coalition Protect New York (English)