48. Session on Political Genocide, Impunity and Crimes Against Peace in Colombia (2020-2021)

Inauguration of the Session – 25/03/2021 (Spanish)

Reading of the judgment – 17/06/2021 (Spanish)

48.1 Some cases submitted to the Tribunal

Case of the Sindicato nacional de los trabajadores del sistema agroalimetario – Report presented by Sinaltrainal (Spanish)

Case of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores – Report submitted by the CUT (Spanish)

Case of the Unión Sindical Obrera – Report presented by the Comisión Nacional para los Derechos Humanos (Spanish)

Case of the student movement – Report presented by the Archive and Oral Memory of the Victims, Amovi of the Industrial University of Santander (Spanish)

Testimonies on campesinado. Cases: ANUC-UR and other peasant organisations; Carmen and San Vincente de Chucurì; Coordinador nacional agrario; municipality of Cabijio Cauca; central-eastern zone; Casanare (Spanish)

Case of the student movement – Report presented by the Santander Student Movement and human rights organisations (Spanish)

Case of the Unión Nacional de Oposición (UNO) (Spanish)

Case of the Unión Patriótica (Spanish)

Exile as a social practice of genocide – Report presented by the Congreso de los pueblos (Spanish)

Case A Luchar (Spanish)

Case presented by the Movimento nacional carcelario on prisons in Colombia (Spanish)

Case Organización Nacional Indígena de Colombia (ONIC) presented by ONIC (Spanish)

Case Proceso de Comunidades Negras de Colombia presented by Proceso de Comunidades Negras de Colombia (Spanish)

Case Somos Semilla, Hope and Freedom presented by Corporación Jurídica Libertad (CJL) and Coordinación Colombia Europa Unidos (CCEEU) (Spanish)

Case Movimiento Cívico del Oriente Antioqueño presented by Corporación Jurídica Libertad (CJL) and Colectivo La Tulpa (Spanish)

Case of the Consejo Regional Indígena de Caldas (CRIDEC) presented by CRIDEC (Spanish)

Case of the Pueblo Barí (Spanish)

Case of the Consejo Regional Indígena del Cauca (CRIC) presented by Edwin Humberto (Spanish)

National Trade Union School (ENS) presented by ENS (Spanish)

Case Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA) presented by Corporación Jurídica Libertad (CJL) (Spanish)

Case Universidades Privadas (Spanish)

Case of trans women – Report prepared by: Armario Abierto (Spanish)

Reflections on paramilitarism in general terms (Spanish)

Case San José de Apartadó presented by the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó (Spanish)

Case Dabeiba presented by the Comisión Intereclesial de Justicia y Paz (Spanish)

48.2 Debates

Debate: Is exile a genocidal social practice in Colombia?

48.3 Technical reports and jury interventions

Angela María Buitrago, intervention to present the indictment

Intervention by Federico Andreu, Colombian jurist and director of litigation and legal protection of the Colombian Commission of Jurists

Intervention by Iván Gómez, Colombian lawyer, jurist, diplomat and human rights defender.

Intervention by Father Javier Giraldo, Vice-President of the PPT

Intervention by Esperanza Martínez Yánez, PPT judge

Intervention by Gianni Tognoni, PPT Secretary General

Intervention by Daniel Feierstein, PPT Judge

Intervention by Antoni Pigrau Solé, PPT Judge

Intervention by Andrés Barreda, PPT Judge

Intervention by Luciana Castellina, PPT judge

Intervention by Philippe Texier, PPT President

Intervention by Luigi Ferrajoli, PPT Judge

Intervention by Mireille Fanon Mendès France, PPT judge

Intervention by Graciela Daleo, PPT Judge

Intervention by Andriana Arboleda – Summary of the request sent to the PPT Secretariat

Intervention by Michel Forst, PPT Judge

Paul-Emile Dupret’s greeting to the PPT

PPT Memoirs | Gianni Tognoni- PPT Secretary General

PPT Memoirs | Philippe Texier – President of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal

PPT Memoirs | Carlos Martín Beristain – Commissioner of the Truth Commission