In the framework of the Session on the violation of the rights of migrants and refugees, the hearing on the “No rights” spaces will take place in the city of Barcelona from June 29 to July 1, along three axes: Southern border with Spain, Gender, Minors and young people (see here the program with the information on the promoter organizations and the composition of the jury).

The Session was launched in the same city of Barcelona a year ago, and has carried out two intermediate public hearings in Palermo (December 2017) and Paris (January 2018). The forthcoming hearing in Barcelona responds to the purpose of monitoring events and responsibilities in a scenario, that of migration, in evolution, based on what the PPT has already analyzed and considered in its judgments in Palermo and Paris.

Contact and information:

Simona Fraudatario/Gianni Tognoni (PPT)

Monica Vargas (TNI)