52. Sri Lanka and Tamil People, Third Session (Berlin 2023)

The third session of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka launched its judgment on September 25, 2023, where human rights activists from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America participated – virtually and in presence – in a display of people-to-people solidarity, further emphasising the role of the Tribunal as an institution listening to peoples’…

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50. Pandemic and authoritarianism. The Bolsonaro government’s responsibility for the systematic violations of the fundamental rights of Brazilian peoples perpetrated through the policies imposed in the Covid-19 pandemic

Following the conclusion of the 50th session on Pandemic and Authoritarianism, held at the University of São Paulo’s law faculty, the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT) issued a judgment recognizing President Jair Messias Bolsonaro liable for crimes against humanity, and for resulting in the deaths of thousands of people as a consequence of Covid-19 prevention policies.

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49. In defense of the Cerrado territories (2021-2022)

1. Opening session, 10 September 2021

A. Indictment (Spanish – Portuguese)

B. Case file (Portuguese)

2. Thematic hearing on water, 30 November and 1 December 2021

A. Statement of the panel of judges (English – Italian – Spanish – Portuguese)

B. Prosecutorial Materials: General Recommendations, Urgent and Necessary Measures for the Protection of the Cerrado Waters (Portuguese)

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48. Political Genocide, Impunity and Crimes Against Peace in Colombia (2020-2021)

The Judgment of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT) on Political Genocide, Impunity and Crimes Against Peace in Colombia was issued on June 17, 2021, in Bogota.

The PPT panel of judges, composed of Raúl Vera, Andrés Barreda, Lottie Cunningham, Esperanza Martínez, Graciela Daleo, Daniel Feierstein, Luis Moita, Antoni Pigrau Solé, Mireille Fanon, Michel Forst, Philippe Texier, Luciana Castellina, and Luigi Ferrajoli, recognized the Colombian State guilty of the crime of genocide, carried out during the decades of the twentieth century and with greater atrocity during the last nineteen governments, with a central role assumed by the governments chaired by Álvaro Uribe Vélez (years 2002 – 2010).

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46. The violations of international law and international humanitarian law by the Turkish Republic and its officials against the Kurdish people and their organizations (Paris, 15-16 March 2018)

The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal Session on Turkey and the Kurdish people was held in Paris on 15 and 16 March 2018. The Judgment was announced at the European Parliament on 24 May 2018 and is available in French and English. La sessione è stata richiesta dall’European Association for Democracy and World Human Rights ELDH, International…

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